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Meet Kute Kitty™
That's Kute with a "K"!

She's one sassy kat with a penchant for mischief and the face of Katio®. Kute Kitty™ loves to laugh and dance and bounce and play and hang out in her Katio® all day. Bird-watching and taking in the sights and smells of the outdoors, while safe and sound in her happy space.

Meet Dappy Doggy™
That's Short for Dapper!

Adorable, inquisitive, loyal and the face of Dogio®. Dappy Doggy™ believes every day is an adventure and enjoys exploring whatever fun might be lurking just around the next corner. He can't always play outdoors, but wants to spare your floors. He knows when he's gotta go, there's Dogio®

Alden Kat
Inventor, Visionary, DJ

Even as a young child Alden was crazy about animals — so much so that his family would always tell him that he'd grow up to be a veternarian. While he didn't follow that path, he's still completely crazy about animals and absolutely loves his 3 kitties — Mika, Lars & Yuri. Alden's spent the past 4 years diligently working with CAD Designers, product manufacturers, fulfillment centers, packaging companies, and of course his favorite Graphics & Web Designer Maggie, who is now our amazing Creative Director.

Alden's dream of bringing his Katio® • Dogio® products to the massive $65B annual pet market is quickly becoming a reality as he continues to work toward product release!

Oh yeah, did we mention he's got mad DJ skills and a professional DJ in his "spare time" too? Yep, now you know!

Kelly Kat
Marketing Director, Public Relations, Always Hungry

Also an animal lover from childhood, Kelly has been asking for pets her whole life. She's been the loving momma to hamsters, dogs, a cockatiel and now three cats. Without a current "purrfect" spot for the litter box, she saw the need for Katio® • Dogio® early on and is eager to get the product to market to change people's lives! And the fact that her husband invented it has nothing to do with it. :)

When not spreading the word about Katio's greatness, Kelly enjoys Netflix marathons, cycling, and being with her family, both furkids and human.

Maggie Kat
Creative Director, Technik Mage, Killer Smile

All natural ingredients, GMO free. Maggie is more of a plant person than a cat person, but if anything could make her want a kitty it's Katio®.