Katio is a quality of life product that works by getting your litter box up off of your floor and installing it into your window – giving your cat a safe place to potty or perch – not to mention it’s really #kute and blends seamlessly into your window!

Cat households –

Katio allows fresh air in thru the 2 side vents while keeping odors out, lets you clean/change your litter pan without having to bend/squat/kneel down and is also ADA Compliant – so it’s good for those that walk and roll. Katio also saves valuable floor space and prevents accidentally tripping over/stepping in your litter pan, as well as stepping in soiled litter scattered all over your floor because Katio helps trap litter inside of its housing where it belongs. 

Cat + Dog households – 

Having Katio installed in your window and off the floor also prevents dogs from accessing and eating out of the litter pan – making fluffy and spot owning households safer and cleaner to live in.