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Why do I need to have my cat spayed or neutered?

Did you know a single unaltered cat pair can generate over 420,000 kittens within 7 years?!
Even if you don’t find those numbers alarming, there are also numerous medical reasons as well.
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Does my cat need to go outside?

Although your cat may crave the great outdoors, it’s not worth risking their nine lives for a taste of adventure. Here’s why keeping them indoors is the cat’s meow. Read More…

Why does my cat have bad breath?

The cause of Feline Bad Breath can vary, and once identified, addressing it can be simple. Say goodbye to stinky cat breath and hello to fresh kitty kisses. Read More…

Why did my cat pee on my bed?

Discovering your cat pees on everything, even your bed, can be highly distressing, especially if your kitty appears to be content and healthy otherwise. Read More…

Why does my cat make biscuits?

Making Biscuits, Working the Dough, Happy Paws, Mashing Potatoes. If you have a cat, it’s no doubt that you have heard some of these cute slang terms for cat kneading. Read More…

Why did my cat poop on my bed?

A Cat pooping outside the litter box is less common than urination, but not rare. Understanding the cause is crucial for fixing your cat’s behavior. Read More…

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