Doggy Diner™ wall-mounted food & water bowl system featuring Dappy Doggy™

Doggy Diner – Floating Pet Bowl Set

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Elevate Your Pet’s Life!™

Doggy Diner™ solves all of these issues:
• Aids food digestion
• Elevates bowls up off the floor
• Prevents Whisker Stress/Fatigue
• Great Space Saver & Easy cleaning
• Robot vacuums go right underneath
• No more accidentally kicking the bowls over
• No more picking up bowls to vac/sweep/mop
• Installs at any height on your wall for your pup

Bowl Info:
• BPA Free
• NSF Food Safe
• Bowls 4.75″D x 6″W x 1.25″H
• Mount .6″D x 12″W x 1.5″H
• Holds 1 Cup Food/Water
• Top-Rack Dishwasher Safe
• Designed & Made in USA
• Product & Packaging 100% Recycled/Recyclable

• 1-2 Dogs = 1 Set
• 3-4 Dogs = 2 Sets
• 5-6 Dogs = 3-4 Sets
• 7 Dogs = Crazy Pup Lady
• 8+ Dogs = Well, ummm….

What’s in the Box:
• 1 Wall Mount
• 2 Dappy Doggy™ Bowls
• 1 Doggy Diner Placemat
• 3 Screws & Wall Anchors
• Instructions & Warranty


Doggy Diner Floating Pet Bowls

We designed our Doggy Diner Floating Bowls because we want our pups to live longer, happier and healthier lives and we want your pups to do the same! They are our fur babies after all – and in fact – that’s our boy Louie you see posing above and our Kelly Pup to the right too!

We use 2 sets of bowls – 1 set for food and 1 set for water.

Why is Doggy Diner better?

1 Aids your dog’s digestion by allowing their food to go down easier at a more natural angle

2 Installs at ANY height on your wall depending on your dog’s height

3 Eliminates scarf & barf/vomiting after eating

4 Only modular wall-mounted bowl system on the market + more accessories coming in the future

Elevates bowls up off the floor saving valuable floor space

Aids food digestion

Food digests easier and eliminates scarf & barf/vomiting

Space Saver + Easy Cleaning

No more constantly picking up bowls to vac/sweep/mop and robot vacuums cruise right underneath w/o knocking the bowls around – preventing spilling of food & water

Installs at ANY wall height

Big Pup, Small Pup, Short Pup, Tall Pup.

Bowls install at ANY height.

No more accidentally kicking bowls over

Keep Pet areas neat by not kicking them with your feet!

Bowl Info


• Bowls 4.75″D x 6″W x 1.25″H
• Mount .6″D x 12″W x 1.5″H
• Holds 1 Cup Food/Water

Holds 1 Cup of Food/Water

We purposely designed the bowls to be wide and shallow to prevent whisker stress/fatigue

2 & 3 Cup Bowls coming out in late 2023

Bowls + Pups

• 1-2 Dogs = 1 Set
• 3-4 Dogs = 2 Sets
• 5-6 Dogs = 3-4 Sets
• 7 Dogs = Crazy Pup Lady
• 8+ Dogs = Ummm…

What’s in the box

• 2 Bowls
• 1 Wall Mount
• 1 Placemat
• 1 Screw pack
• 1 Instructions & Warranty

More Info

BPA Free & Crafted with Kare

Our products are crafted with kare, made from durable BPA-Free Polypropylene, to ensure they are safe for use in food consumption.

Easy to Clean + Dishwasher Safe

Hand wash in the sink or throw them in the Dishwasher. Easy Peasy!

Designed & Made in USA

Designed & Made in USA = High quality products and quality control

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(3 customer reviews)

Customers Reviews

(3 customer reviews)

3 reviews for Doggy Diner – Floating Pet Bowl Set

  1. Courtney

    These bowls are genius! My pup loves them! She doesn’t leave her bowl as often since she doesn’t have to bend her neck down. She’s definitely eating way better. Thank you so much! It’s also so convenient for sweeping and mopping, you don’t have to move them! And there’s no mess because of the mat.

  2. Frances (verified owner)

    My dog is very happy with her Doggy Diner bowls! They arrived quickly and were easy to mount on the wall. They are lightweight and very easy to clean. I am very happy! Thank you!

  3. Jennifer Trimble (verified owner)

    What a FUN functional innovation you’ve created in the Doggy Diner with floating bowls to support healthy meal time for my dog Cheeky the beagle! With this streamlined innovation I wonder what the team at MyKatio will come up with next to compliment the homes of dog and cat owners all around!

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