Kitty Kafé™ wall-mounted food & water bowl system featuring Kute Kitty™

Kitty Kafé – Floating Pet Bowl Set

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Elevate Your Pet’s Life!™

Kitty Kafé™ solves all of these issues:
• Aids food digestion
• Elevates bowls up off the floor
• Prevents Whisker Stress/Fatigue
• Great Space Saver & Easy cleaning
• Robot vacuums go right underneath
• No more accidentally kicking the bowls over
• No more picking up bowls to vac/sweep/mop
• Installs at any height on your wall for your kitty

Bowl Info:
• BPA Free
• NSF Food Safe
• Bowls 5″D x 5″W x 1.25″H
• Mount .6″D x 12″W x 1.5″H
• Holds 1 Cup Food/Water
• Top-Rack Dishwasher Safe
• Designed & Made in USA
• Product & Packaging 100% Recycled/Recyclable

• 1-2 Cats = 1 Set
• 3-4 Cats = 2 Sets
• 5-6 Cats = 3-4 Sets
• 7 Cats = Crazy Cat Lady
• 8+ Cats = Well, ummm…..

What’s in the Box:
• 1 Wall Mount
• 2 Kute Kitty™ Bowls
• 1 Kitty Kafé Placemat
• 3 Screws & Wall Anchors
• Instructions & Warranty


Kelly on Kitty Kafé
Kurious about Kitty Kafé?
Kelly has the deets!

How to Install Kitty Kafé with Kelly
If you can hang a picture on the wall, you too can install Kitty Kafé!

Keeping it Klean with Kelly
Kitty Kafé is Dishwasher Safe & Robot Vacuum Compatible!

Kitty Kafé Floating Pet Bowls

We designed our Kitty Kafé Floating Bowls because we want our 3 kitties to live longer, happier and healthier lives and we want your kitties to do the same! They are our fur babies after all – and in fact – that’s our big boy Lars you see posing above and our Kelly Kat to the right too!

We use 2 sets of bowls – 1 set for food and 1 set for water.

Why is Kitty Kafé better?

1 Aids your cat’s digestion by allowing their food to go down easier at a more natural angle

2 Installs at ANY height anywhere on your wall – ground level, counter level or any cat tree/ledge level

3 Eliminates scarf & barf/vomiting after eating and reduces hairballs down to practically none!*

4 Only modular wall-mounted bowl system on the market + more accessories coming in the future

*The no hairballs was a happy side effect that we didn’t even plan on, but we went from hairballs [yuck] to amazeballs [yay]!

Elevates bowls up off the floor saving valuable floor space

Aids food digestion

Food digests easier and helps eliminate scarf & barf/vomiting/hairballs

Space Saver + Easy Cleaning

No more constantly picking up bowls to vac/sweep/mop and robot vacuums cruise right underneath w/o knocking the bowls around – preventing spilling of food & water

Installs at ANY wall height

Big Kat, Small Kat, Short Kat, Tall Kat.

Bowls install at ANY height – ground height, counter height, ledge height or cat tree height.

Keeps kitty’s bowls safe from dogs & toddlers at taller heights too!

Installs in about 1 minute!

No more accidentally kicking bowls over

Keep Pet areas neat by not kicking them with your feet!

Bowl Info


• Bowls – 5″D x 5″W x 1.25″H
• Mount – 12″W x 1.5″H x .6″D
• Holds 1 Cup Food/Water

Holds 1 Cup of Food/Water

We purposely designed the bowls to be wide and shallow to prevent whisker stress/fatigue

2 & 3 Cup Bowls coming out in late 2023

Bowls + Kitties

• 1-2 Cats = 1 Set
• 3-4 Cats = 2 Sets
• 5-6 Cats = 3-4 Sets
• 7 Cats = Crazy Cat Lady
• 8+ Cats = Ummm…..

What’s in the box

• 2 Bowls
• 1 Wall Mount
• 1 Placemat
• 1 Screw pack
• 1 Instructions & Warranty

More Info

BPA Free & Crafted with Kare

Our products are crafted with kare, made from durable BPA-Free Polypropylene, to ensure they are safe for use in food consumption.

Easy to Clean + Dishwasher Safe

Hand wash in the sink or throw them in the Dishwasher. Easy Peasy!

Designed & Made in USA

Designed & Made in USA = High quality products and quality control

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Customers Reviews

(4 customer reviews)

4 reviews for Kitty Kafé – Floating Pet Bowl Set

  1. Hayley

    I have 2 cats, one of which has struggled with regurgitation issues since I adopted her. I’ve tried all of the tilted bowls, diet changes, etc. I always felt that even the tilted/raised bowls weren’t high *enough* to truly achieve the affect of having the cat eating at actual mouth-level to encourage easier, more natural digestion for them. So when I saw these mountable bowls, I absolutely jumped on them. I ordered 2, one for each of my cats (God forbid they actually share…lol).

    From the day I mounted them (which was VERY easy), the change was immediate. Chloe vomits, I would say, 90% less now. It’s an absolute drastic change and I have cat mom guilt for not finding these sooner. THANK YOU KATIO!

    A tip: really measure out where your cat’s mouth is to mount it in the position that is most organic to them. My cats are bigger, so they’re a bit higher up on the wall than what is likely typical. Can NOT recommend this enough for anyone with a cat that is regurgitating frequently.

  2. Linda Hall

    A-Meow-Zing! I am a certified feline behaviorist and we all know elevating the bowls will aid in digestion. We didn’t expect to see less fur balls, less bowl guarding and less mess. Yahoo!! Thank MEW!!!

  3. Harris Baker

    Love this product!!! I have an iRobot vacuum, and I always have to pick up my cat’s bowls and food tray before running it (I am busy and lazy so I don’t like to do that!). Now the device fits right under it and I don’t have to worry about it. The elevated design is also beneficial for cats’ digestion and mine both enjoy eating from a new angle. Bowls clean very nicely in the dishwasher as well. Highly recommend trying it! Might try the Katio™ product next…

  4. Lisa

    Our baby girl Sophie absolutely loves her new kitty kafé. We put her dry food in one and her treats in the other. Super easy to install! Very easy to slide the bowls out for cleaning. Keeps the mess off the floor and it’s at a height that Sophie loves. I highly recommend kitty kafé for your for fur baby! 😻😻

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