Elevate Your Pet’s Life!™

Kitty Kafe & Doggy Diner

Floating Pet Bowls


Litter box problems go out the window!™

Katio is your cat’s
potty in the window

ONLY $299.99
[48 Contiguous Only]

Katio installs in your window just like an A/C unit only quicker, easier & safer!


“Having the Katio installed in our window has completely changed the dynamic between our cats and has freed up so much floor space in our small bathroom, that we can actually use it for ourselves now!”

Courtney C, Atlanta

“BRILLIANT!!! The Katio litter box works so well for us that we can’t wait to have TWO – one as a litter box and one as a window perch for our kitties”.

Meagan V, San Francisco

“I’m a total neat freak and I love how much litter Katio keeps inside the box and how easy it is to clean and change the litter pan now. I’m really tall and can stand in front the Katio vs getting down on the floor .”

Jason B, Las Vegas

“I’ve been confined to a wheelchair since 1989 and having Katio in our window now lets me clean and change the litter box at wheelchair height very easily, whereas before I couldn’t do it at all.”

Donald B, New Orleans

Katio • Dogio
Your pet’s potty in the window!


Window mounted cat
litter housing & window perch


Window mounted pee pad
& grass patch housing + ramp

Kitty Kafé • Doggy Diner
Floating Wall Mounted Food & Water Bowl System

Kitty Kafé

Doggy Diner

Super Skoop
A Better Litter Skoop!

Stickers • Car/Window Decals

Kute Kitty Car/Window
2.5″ x 3″
$8 + Free Shipping

Katio™ Sticker Pack

Katio • Dogio Sticker Pack
4″ x 6″
$8 + Free Shipping

Dappy Doggy Car/Window
2.5″ x 3″
$8 + Free Shipping

Bumper • Window Stickers

Bumper • Window Sticker
2.4″ x 7.5″
$10 + Free Shipping

Bumper • Window Sticker
2.5″ x 5″
$10 + Free Shipping

Fridge Magnets

Katio Fridge Magnet
2″ x 4″
$8 + Free Shipping

Dogio Fridge Magnet
2″ x 4″
$8 + Free Shipping

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